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Electrolysis by Susan, located in Harrisburg PA (off Jonestown Rd in the Colonial Park area), provides permanent hair removal in a private, professional setting, utilizing state of the art equipment. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method recognized and approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association. Begin the process now to free yourself of unwanted hair. 

Susan McCann, C.E 

Certified in Electrolysis  

Berkowits School of Electrolysis, New York, New York

I offer private and confidential one-on-one consultations. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, including lunch time and after work hours.

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(717) 215-6653 

44 Oak Park Road  Suite 101  Harrisburg, PA 17109 electrolysisbysusan.com electrolysisbysusan@gmail.com

Permanent Hair Removal

It's a treatment that is as individual as you are.

People of all ages and all walks of life are enjoying permanently smooth, hair-free skin—a benefit that only electrolysis can offer. The results are more than skin-deep, this refreshing new look works wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

No other solution can claim such universal success.

Temporary hair removal methods such as waxing, depilatories and threading can actually increase your hair growth. For permanent hair removal, electrolysis is your only choice.  

It works almost anywhere on your body—face, legs, underarms, breasts, stomach, back and bikini line. Electrolysis is a proven and effective permanent hair removal method for all hair types and colors, including white, blonde, gray, or red, as well as all skin tones.  

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method recognized by the FDA. A century of use has proven electrolysis is safe and has no negative side effects. There is no other truly permanent process of hair removal for you.

Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal.

You begin with a personal, private, and confidential consultation where you will be set up an individualized treatment plan based on your specific hair removal needs. Treatment sessions range from fifteen minutes to one hour.


I offer a free consultation so you have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered before you begin.

  • Q: Is electrolysis really permanent?
  • A: Yes, it is the only positive method known to medical science which will safely remove hair permanently. The majority of clients are referred directly by their family physician or a specialist such as a dermatologist, endocrinologist, or plastic surgeon.
  • Q: Why are a series of treatments necessary?
  • A: The hair cell of a dark, coarse hair is too large to completely cauterize or eliminate in one treatment. If we attempt to completely eliminate the hair cell in one treatment, we could possibly damage the outer skin, so we must break down the hair cell in a series of treatments over a period of time.
  • Q: What causes the growth of extra hair?
  • A: Usually it can be traced to simple aging, or a hereditary or glandular disturbance. Some illnesses, operations and medications may also be factors.
  • Q: Will electrolysis cause scarring or permanent damage to my skin?
  • A: No. Electrolysis, when done correctly by a certified professional, will not cause any scarring or damage to the skin.


I'm committed to meet your personal needs and to provide an uplifting electolysis experience. I've created an environment in which your appointment will enjoyable, relaxing, and rejuvenating.